XII International Conference "Global Science and Innovation" October 24-25, 2017

USA. Chicago.

About Conference

Strategic Studies Institute invite you to take part in the international scientific conference "Global Science and Innovation" which will take place on October 24-25. The conference is remote. 

For participation in conference we invite scientific and pedagogical workers, doctoral candidates, graduate students, and also all persons who have interest in these problems. 

After conference the collection of scientific articles with international standard book number (output data of publishing house Accent Graphics Communications in the USA, Chicago) will be published. 

You can look at the materials of the international conference on our site in the section "Archive". 

Directions of conference: 
* Economics
* Jurisprudence
* Philology
* Education
* History
* Philosophy
* Psychology
* Sociology
* Culturology
* Chemical Sciences
* Biological Sciences
* Physics and mathematics
* Geological Sciences
* Technical Sciences
* Political Science
* Agricultural Sciences
* Geographical Sciences
* Medical Sciences
* Pharmaceutical Sciences
* Veterinary Sciences
* Art
* Architecture
* Earth Sciences

Working languages: English, Russian.

Application for Participation in the Conference [download]

Final Regular Paper Submission and Registration: October 23, 2017

Scientific articles and applications for participation in the conference are accepted in electronic form in the Word format. E-mail for sending materials is usconf.com@gmail.com

Consideration of applications is carried out during 3 working days.

Organizer of the conference is Strategic Studies Institute.